The Biggest Wedding Cakes in America

Who Made the Cake: HoustonWho Made the Cake: HoustonGo big or go home is a mantra that can be adapted to apply to many of life's tasks and challenges. After all, if we are going to do something, why not make it the biggest and best it can be? And when you are making a commitment as big as marriage, you have to make your wedding count. If you booked a big venue, a big band, and are wearing a big dress, don't fall short on your cake.

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There are limitless possibilities when it comes to selecting a wedding cake that perfectly represents you as a couple. We have seen everything from cakes that make nerds swoon to beautiful works of art that just simply take our breaths away. But what about the brides who want to say how much they love their future partner (and cake) in a big way?

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We contacted bakeries across the country and asked them to tell us what big orders brides have placed for their big days. What we got in return was a collection of jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring cakes that make your average three-tiered cake shake in its fondant boots.

Covered in glitter or overtaken by cascading flowers, these beautiful cakes made a huge impression with their style and their size.

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cakelava: Kailua, Hawaiicakelava: Kailua, Hawaiicakelava: Kailua, Hawaii

Talk about grandiose: this overpoweringly beautiful cake stands at a whopping 6 feet tall. The creators took special care to turn the big love of the couple into a big sugary confection that resembles beautifully stacked (and artfully blinged-out) presents.

Haute So Sweet: New York CityHaute So Sweet: New York CityHaute So Sweet: New York City

Sometimes you just cannot compete with a classic. This elegant white embellished masterpiece by Haute So Sweet has seven intricately designed tiers and more than 100 gardenias.

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My Daughter's Cakes: Bogota, N.J.My Daughter's Cakes: Bogota, N.J.My Daughter's Cakes: Bogota, N.J.

A rustic wedding cake that blends an enchanted forest with a princess' touch? Um, yes please! This beautiful "tree cake" could be a tree itself with its towering layers going higher than 5 feet, and comes from the whimsical genius of My Daughter's Cake - who got their name from cake artist Denise Smith's proud mother.

Sweet Southern Ladies: St. Martinville, La.Sweet Southern Ladies: St. Martinville, La.Sweet Southern Ladies: St. Martinville, La.

Absolutely breathtaking, this multi-tiered, multi-based cake is the epitome of grandeur and comes in at more than 5 feet tall. We love how the Sweet Southern Ladies were able to capture both a regal and simple presence in their cake (although to be fair, they have many other large cakes that do the same!).

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Who Made the Cake: Houston (pictured above)

And for the grandest of them all, we give you this jaw-dropping work of art from Nadine Moon at Who Made the Cake. This beautiful creation was entirely crafted by hand. The lucky couple, Jennifer & Ryan Pickett, requested their cake have a carriage, angel wings, crosses, and lots of sugar flowers. Completely personalized and totally astounding, this cake reached enormous heights of and was a beautiful embodiment of big-time perfection.

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-Lauren Gordon, The Daily Meal