Blogging, Photo Thieves and the REAL WORLD!

Claudia Lamascolo What's Cookin Italian Style Cuisine
Watermark everything or someone will steal your photo's and recipes!
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Hi, I am Claudia from What's Cookin' Italian Style Cuisine with a huge concern!

What's happened to the internet? People are making money off the net by using and stealing other people idea's, photo's and creativity. Bloggers need to protect themselves or will become a victim like myself.

It has come to my attention that there are many sites that just try to make a living off of other peoples blogs. It brings a whole new realization on how far we are from being united or having any respect for one another in the blogging world. Your not safe, not at all. It's so disheartening to know all your hard work, money and efforts are stolen through one right click!
Asking permission, giving a heads up, finding someone online that will promote you, first would be the logical and appropriate approach. The unfortunate reality is that when you go to google images and type in your blog or name it will show you just how many people have taken your hard work, recipes and call it their own. In my case I even found my son and cat!
There are some way to protect yourself, native as I was I didn't watermark my photo's.
However I have a friend that watermarked her photo and they erased it and wrote Mama Mia in it's place! So there are even worse offenders than what I have encountered.

So this has been a turmoil of a week. Wondering if I should continue blogging. Being violated by 14 different webpages, some I couldn't read in different languages, taking my photo's, reposting my cat, son and recipes as their own entries is just ridiculous.
Really dissappointing how much time and effort bloggers pour their heart and souls into their projects and find out their photo's are on a site overseas. I have now found over 23 photo's on site in Arabic and Japanese sites. I love the idea that someone asks permission and links back but to repost your own son and call it your own is a bit much. Lucky for me with some proof (like my sons birth certificate no one can challenge that!) but should we have to go through such great lengths? Watermark your photo's but make sure you also have a risen effect on it as it also is easily altered by such thieves.

not watermarked and my original post back in 2009!
this site posted this it is mine and stolen through an overseas website

I can't even read it or leave a message to have it taken down!

You can see this on my timeline on what this week
was like on FACEBOOK.

Google has a web form to fill out to turn them in.
Fill out each post they have taken from you individually.
My other suggestion is to invest into a photoshop.
If you have photoshop just hit the letter T on the keyboard where you want to place your name, logo etc and add your watermark, it will let you start to type your name sake to protect that photo by adding whatever typing phrase you like.

I have spent endless hours to find many of my photo's on other websites claiming their own.
If you would like to see if any of your photo's are being compromised download google chrome, go to images, type in you website name and images... When you click on your image it will show off to the right some image search, click on more images and it will show you who else have stolen you images.
Scary for sure, insulting and down right ridiculous!

I am not the first or last to go through this, however it is quite alarming to see when they claim your own family as their own as I have. Be sure to use the web page, contact your server and certainly do what you can to the owner to show them copy right laws.
Thanks for reading appreciate your support...

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