Bringing the Movies to Life: 7 Snacks to Accompany Your Favorite Flicks

7 ways to create your own edible cinema7 ways to create your own edible cinemaIs edible cinema the hot new trend in film-watching? Recently an article was published in The Guardian titled, "Is Edible Cinema a Tasty New Way to Enjoy Films?" The article discusses how a sold out night of entertainment at Electric Cinema in London involved a screening of the film Pan's Labyrinth and movie-inspired eats served throughout the film. For example, when the main characters traveled through the woods, pine-scented popcorn and napkins were passed out.

The idea is that the food actually enhances the movie-watching process by making it a total sensory experience through taste, touch and aroma. The viewer may actually pick up less obvious notes and accents from the film or feel connected to the scene in a whole new way. Some may argue that this may be distracting, but I totally love this idea - so here are 7 of my recipe/flick ideas for how you could have your own edible cinema night at home.

One Fine Day SundaeOne Fine Day Sundae1. One Fine Day Sundae
There is a fun scene in one of my favorite movies, One Fine Day, where Michelle Pfeiffer's character takes the kids out to have ice cream sundae's at Serendipity in NYC. Join the sundae fun as you serve up mini chocolate sundaes as you watch the flick. Just try not to spill fudge on your shirt like she does!

Here's the recipe for this delightful (vegan!*) sundae:

2 scoops Vanilla Island Coconut Bliss ice cream
2 Tbsp dark chocolate hot fudge (I found an amazing brand called Wax Orchards - it's fat free, fruit juice sweetened and so good!)
2 Tbsp vegan marshmallow creme
1 Tbsp crushed grahams
1 Tbsp mini vegan chocolate chips
swirl of soy whipped cream
(cherry optional)

Scoop the ice cream.
Sprinkle on the grahams.
Spoon on the hot fudge
Sprinkle the chips.
Dollop of marshmallow.
Swirl of soy cream.

*Of course, you could also substitute non-vegan ingredients if you like!

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Aladdin MelonAladdin Melon2. Aladdin Melon Bowl

One of my favorite Disney movies, Aladdin, starts out with Aladdin and Abu running through the market trying to snag some breakfast. And what do they end up with? Fresh melon! Serve melon bowls or melon skewers during this scene.
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Twilight Blood Orange DrinkTwilight Blood Orange Drink3. Twilight Blood Orange Drinks

A deep red-colored, blood orange beverage is the perfect way to enhance your favorite Twilight Saga flick. Pass around these ginger-infused fizzy citrus spritzers and call them the "Cullen Special." You could also use cranberry or pomegranate juices.
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The Breakfast Club Brown Bag LunchThe Breakfast Club Brown Bag Lunch4. The Breakfast Club Brown Bag Lunch

My favorite part of the classic 80's flick The Breakfast Club is when they all pull out their brown bagged lunches and you get to see what each of the very different students brought. There was Molly Ringwald's infamous sushi lunch, a pb&j with the crusts cut off and more. Serve your own "brown bag" lunches - you could give everyone a different crazy lunch combo. Write character names from the movie on each bag.
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Pleasantville CookiesPleasantville Cookies5. Pleasantville Cookies

If you have ever seen the Reese Witherspoon, Tobey Maguire 50's-set, retro movie Pleasantville, you know that there are quite a few scenes featuring thick, homemade chocolate chip cookies. I always want to reach out and grab one off the screen! Now I can with edible cinema night.
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Titanic Dinner RollTitanic Dinner Roll6. Titanic Dinner Roll

During the dinner party scene of Titanic - when Jack feasts with Rose's upper class group - he chomps down on a fluffy white dinner roll as he speaks. As the scene is playing, you could pass out freshly baked rolls or biscuits and join the dinner scene.
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Alice in Wonderland Tea PartyAlice in Wonderland Tea Party7. Alice in Wonderland Tea Party
Bring the Mad Hatter's tea party to life as you serve up tea and tiny, adorable sandwiches during Alice in Wonderland. Throw in some sweet scones or cookies to complete the tea party!
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- By Kathy Patalsky
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