Bruno Serato: "Picasso on a Plate" at Anaheim White House

Bruno Serato of the Anaheim White House says, "We are known for the presentation and style on each and every dish. I describe it as {icasso on a plate. Our Jackie O dessert is the prettiest, grandest dessert you will ever see. I add my secret touch and ingredients on certain plates that I cannot share. It is a secret! A poached salmon from Norway that is prepared with white chocolate mashed potatoes and my home made lobster ravioli is our signature dish. I was born and raised in Italy so of course I am majorly swayed by anything from Italy. I also draw a lot from French cuisine, the style they prepare food and from Asian cultures, especially the artful way they go about things from architecture to fine arts." Bruno Serato

Anaheim White House is for everyone: royalty, popular singers, you and me. He says, "The restaurant is very romantic and very homey. It was originally a house that was built in 1909. It still looks like a private residence and is complete with multiple dining areas, quiet corners and private rooms. Once, Lady Diana's personal chef came to dine at the Anaheim White House. I set him up in a private room and as a joke dressed up like a king while acting as a server the entire night. He loved it and we had a great time! Many celebrities have dined at the Anaheim White House as well, including Madonna, Sidney Portier, Andrea Bocelli, Gwen Stefani, Wolfgang Puck, Derek Jeter, Oscar de la Hoya, President Jimmy Carter, President George W. Bush and the Crown Prince of Belgium."