Burritos Done Right, on About a Dollar a Day

Save your bucks with this burrito. Save your bucks with this burrito. Burritos are pretty standard elements in a lot of people's repertoire - and for good reason. They're super versatile, fun to eat, a favorite with kids, and can be as spicy, meaty, and flavorful as you want. Only problem is, they tend not to be cheap. Even at a fast food restaurant, you're likely to pay $7 or more for a burrito, but here's how to make one at home for about a buck.

This burrito is just one of the unbelievably tasty dishes you can make for around a buck. Click here to watch the entire Dollar Meals series.

To make your burritos amazing, the real key is texture. If your ingredients are too liquidy, the whole thing sags and gets really messy. That's why I keep salsa on the side, and why I give the shell a very light fry on both sides. And even though I'm cheap, I never put rice in a burrito, since it takes away from the texture and overall flavor-blend of the ingredients.

How was all this only $1?

-The pork came from a whole boneless loin I bought at $1.99 a pound.
-The kale and jalapenos were 99 cents a bunch at the farmers market.
-I used dried black beans and cooked them in a slow cooker. See those instructions here.
-And I got the flour tortillas and sharp cheddar when they were on sale. Put a little 99-cent sour cream (on sale) on the side and a scoop of homemade salsa and the final tally is just over a buck.

6 oz. boneless pork loin ($.75)
1/3 bunch kale ($.33)
1/4 teaspoon canola or peanut oil
8 oz. cooked beans ($.20)
2 large flour tortillas ($.66)
2 tablespoons sour cream ($.10)
3 oz. grated cheddar cheese ($.50)
2 jalapenos ($.20)

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1. Sauté greens and set aside.

2. Slice pork into thin strips and sprinkle with adobo seasoning. Sauté and set aside.

3. Cut 5 slices (crosswise) of cheddar cheese (from 8 or 10 oz. brick), approx. 2 oz.

4. Roast jalapenos under broiler and peel (optional) or bake at 450° F until darkened. Mince.

5. Warm up pre-cooked black beans in microwave or on stovetop.

6. Put a dime-sized droplet of oil into the frying pan and use tortilla shell to rub it around the pan, first with one side of the tortilla, then the other.

7. Fry one side of the tortilla until it starts to brown, then flip.

8. Place strips of cheese on bottom of tortilla, then black beans, pork, greens, and minced jalapeno.

9. Fry until bottom-side of tortilla begins to turn from light brown to medium brown. Take off heat and roll.

10. Serve with beans, rice, cilantro springs, lime wedges, sour cream, and salsa.

-By Jack Murnighan

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