Calling All Hopeless Romantics: How to Make Breakfast in Bed in 3 Simple Steps

An Easy, 3-step Breakfast in Bed for Your KidsAn Easy, 3-step Breakfast in Bed for Your KidsYou don't need a holiday to make an extra-special breakfast for that extra-special someone… all you need is love! This week, why not surprise your loved ones a delicious breakfast in bed -- trust us, it's WAY easier and faster than you'd think!

Treat your significant other to sunnyside up eggs nested in a heart-shape cutout of toast (or any cookie cutter shape that they will like). Then round it out with strawberries and orange juice and serve it all on a sweet little tray while they're just getting up. Yum! Here are 3 easy steps to creating a memorable breakfast in bed for your sweetheart.

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1. Simple Ingredients

To make this breakfast you only need a few ingredients: some butter, several pieces of bread, and as many eggs as pieces of bread.

2. Cut Out the Heart Shape
Cut a heart out of the center of the bread, reserving the cut outs. Pre-heat your skillet and grease with a generous amount of butter. Place cut pieces of bread on the hot skillet.

3. A Love-ly Breakfast
Crack an egg into the hole. Cook the egg for 1-2 minutes then flip over and cook to desired firmness. Toast the heart-shape cutouts. Serve immediately with strawberries and orange juice.

Don't be surprised when your loved one pulls you right into bed for a special thank you for your efforts!

- By Brittany Egbert
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