Camping Gear that Every Foodie Will Want This Summer

Gourmet camping gear you need for summerGourmet camping gear you need for summerJust because you've decided to brave the great outdoors doesn't mean you have to lower your culinary standards to undercooked hot dogs and burnt marshmallows. This collection of gourmet cooking tools will keep the traveling foodie well-prepared, wherever the path may lead.

King Kooker Jambalaya Pot King Kooker Jambalaya Pot 1. King Kooker Jambalaya Pot
Cook up a king-size batch of jambalaya, chili, or gumbo while you're on the trail. Sized to accommodate a large gathering of family and friends!
Buy this jambalaya pot, $232

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Kanz Field KitchenKanz Field Kitchen2. Kanz Field Kitchen
This ultimate field kitchen for the outdoor gourmet has plenty of room to store your camp stove and cookware while leaving plenty of room for a workspace and optional icebox. Everything packs up neatly in a lightweight aluminum box.
Buy this field kitchen, $675

Coleman Outdoor Oven / Stove Coleman Outdoor Oven / Stove 3. Coleman Outdoor Oven / Stove
This updated version of the classic Coleman two-burner camping stove includes an oven that can accommodate a 9 in. x 13 in. baking pan. Get the benefits of two full-size appliances in one compact unit!
Buy this outdoor oven, $250

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My Camp KitchenMy Camp Kitchen4. My Camp Kitchen
Another great option if you're looking for lightweight and durable field kitchen. The hardwood box packs plenty of storage space for all of your cooking essentials.
Buy this kitchen, $445

Primus FireholePrimus Firehole5. Primus Firehole
Controllable, consistent heat is the secret to a great meal, and that's where this stove shines. You'll be cooking everything from meats to fresh produce with ease.
Buy this firehole, $175

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REI Camp Table XL REI Camp Table XL 6. REI Camp Table XL
Lightweight and easy-to-carry, this large camp table features a heat-resistant surface that makes a perfect workspace for your outdoor kitchen. Adjustable feet ensure everything stays level.
Buy this camp table, $99

GSI Personal Java Press GSI Personal Java Press 7. GSI Personal Java Press
This portable French press allows you to make a perfect cup of coffee while you're out on the trail. The insulated sleeve removes easily for cleaning.
Buy this personal java press, $110

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