Candy Pops & Circumstance: A Grad Party Treat They'll Love

The perfect graduation treat! The perfect graduation treat! Congratulations to all the grads out there! To celebrate commencement, here is an easy-to-make Graduation Cap Pop! The perfect treat for your graduation party!

Small Peanut Butter Cups
Chocolate Squares, or Fudge-covered Graham Crackers, or Square Chocolate Mints, or chop a Chocolate Bar into a square, or use a candy mold to make chocolate squares
Sour candy "belts"
Chocolate Frosting
Mini M&M's
Lollipop Sticks (available in craft or cooking aisles/stores)

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1. Chill chocolates beforehand, on a plate for several minutes, to make them easier to handle (without melting). Keep them on the chilled plate while working, and if they begin to get soften, return to refrigerator.

2. Unwrap candies, and if you like, arrange groups of squares, peanut butter cups, and choose mini M&Ms to match your school colors.

3. While the chocolates chill, pull apart sour candy belts into "strings," setting aside the best color for your school; sometimes tassels are in school colors, or yellow/"gold."

4. Cut or snip each sour candy belt into "tassels," long enough to extend from the center of each square to dangle off the side (about 2 inches, as shown).

5. Place a large drop of frosting on the bottom of each peanut butter cup.

6. Place a chocolate square on the frosting, centering each around the peanut butter cup.

7. Place a small drop of frosting in the center of each square, and while the frosting is soft, stick each "tassle" on, and place a mini M&M on top. Continue for each pop. Allow to rest long enough for the frosting to harden.

8. Carefully pick up each "cap," and insert a lollipop stick into the center -- enough for the cap to rest firmly on the stick.

9. Place each finished cap into your display. Enjoy -- and congratulations!

- By Jillian Tohber Leslie
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