Celebrate International Joke Day with Mickey's Prank Pizza

What a mischievous mouse!What a mischievous mouse!July 1st is International Joke Day, and it's the perfect time for a good, old-fashioned prank. This Mickey Mouse "pizza" is actually a sweet surprise. See how long it takes the kids to figure out that they've been had!

Template for Mickey's Ears
Three 7-inch flour tortillas
Strawberry jam
1/2 cup or so of white Candy Melts®
8 to 10 red Candy Melts®
Green fruit snack, such as Fruit Roll-Ups® or Fruit By The Foot®
Round chocolate candies, such as Junior Mints® and brown M&Ms®
Cashew halves

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1. Use the template to cut a pair of round Mickey ears out of two of the tortillas. Then arrange the remaining whole tortilla and the ear tortillas on a serving plate or tray to look like Mickey's head.

2. Whisk the jam to make it smooth and then spread it on the tortillas, leaving a margin around each one plain to resemble pizza crust.

3. For "cheese," heat the white Candy Melts® in the microwave. Stir the candy until it's smooth enough to spread atop the jam. Don't be too fussy -- it will look more authentic if you swirl it randomly.

4. Top the cheese with red Candy Melts® pepperoni slices, diced green peppers (green fruit snack cut into small squares), and mushrooms fashioned from cashew halves. You can even add hidden Mickey "olives" by topping Junior Mints® candies with chocolate M&M's®.

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