How to Choose a Signature Wedding Cocktail

By Rachel Wilkerson,

We love the idea of serving a signature cocktail at your wedding. Not only is it a great option for a couple on a budget, but it adds major personality to your wedding. More and more couples are going this route; here's everything you need to know to create your signature wedding cocktail.

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1. Don't debate over the perfect couples' cocktail -- just choose two! Unless you and your beloved have the exact same taste in drinks, why not each choose one that represents you? A sign with details of each drink will makes picking a side all the more fun.

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2. Start with your favorite flavors. Whether it's gin or tequila, many people have a signature drink long before their wedding. Find a new recipe that uses it (or think back to the best cocktail you ever had that featured it!) and go from there.

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3. Get inspiration from your venue and theme. If you're having a Southern wedding, look for recipes that include local foods or flavors. Going with a vintage wedding? Check out cookbooks from the time period to see what your counterparts were sipping back then.

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4. Incorporate your colors when possible. By the time cocktail hour hits, your guests will already be smitten with your wedding's overall vibe, so choosing a cocktail that fits in with the color scheme is a nice touch.

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5. Make it seasonal. Choose one cocktail that seems perfect for the season, whether it's a spiced apple cider for a fall wedding or a refreshing rum drink for a summer beach wedding.

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6. Serve up drinks in great glassware. From mason jars to beakers to mini milk bottles topped off with pretty paper straws, the right glassware can make an otherwise-ordinary cocktail seem specially-designed for your wedding.

Did you choose a signature cocktail for your wedding? Let us know what it was in the comments below!

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