Chopsticks made simple

The chopsticks that come with your favorite take-out food are splintery, and the last time your kid tried to grab a wanton it wound up airborne. But those clever Finns have the solution to both of these problems: Linking chopsticks.

Jani Martikainen, KitastickJani Martikainen, KitastickCalled Kitasticks, these sleek utensils were created by Jani Martikainen, the owner of Finnish design house Majamoo. They can be used just like regular chopsticks, if you're already a pro. For beginners (or those who never quite mastered traditional chopsticks), the patented interlocking design allows for a bit of help without screaming to the world, "Hey, I'm using training wheels on my chopsticks."Buy Kitastick's Linked Chopsticks here.Buy Kitastick's Linked Chopsticks here.

The design is chic Scandinavian all the way, so the Kitasticks look great and provide the sleekest solution we've seen when it comes to chopstick help. Kids will clamor to try new foods, and Kitasticks will be the talk of your next dinner party. These chopsticks won't save the world, but they just may spice up dinnertime.

Buy Kitastick's Linked Chopsticks here.

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