Chrissy Teigen's Creative Wedding Cake: All the Details!

by Courtney Lindstrand

When Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen ties the knot with singer John Legend this fall, they won't be slicing into a traditional wedding cake. "I'm not a big sweets person, which is why I'm really specific about the cake, which is going to be a really multi-layer cake. It's layers and layers of crêpe and pastry creme in between with raspberry sauce," she recently told People magazine.

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John Legend & Chrissy TeigenJohn Legend & Chrissy Teigen
A crêpe cake is a great sweet alternative to the traditional, tiered wedding cake. Whether served at a brunch wedding (like the chocolate crêpe cake featured below) or as part of a dessert bar, it's a fun Francophile spin on the wedding classic.

In addition to crêpe cakes, there are a ton of other nontraditional (and budget-slashing!) dessert options for couples who want to forego wedding cake, but still have something sweet to ceremoniously slice into after dinner.

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The creative "cake" below is made entirely of Rice Krispies treats, dressed up with ribbon and a silhouette topper.

Rice Krispies Cake

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