Cooking for Two: A Book Review (and Recipes!) for You and Your Sweetie

Cooking for a party of two can be truly trying, especially if the recipe you're using results in too many servings. I won't even consider many recipes if they look overabundant. This is why Cooking for Two: Perfect Meals for Pairs (Chronicle Books) by Jessica Strand is the perfect book, not just for Valentine's Day but for the other 364 days of the year too.

Strand's recipes span from dishes easily made for two (antipasti, quesadillas) to scaled-down classics (chicken potpies, vegetable lasagna), from savory (poached cod, frittata) to sweet (fruit crisps, chocolate sorbet). So there's bound to be at least one recipe that will fit the mood, whether you're cooking with your friend, sibling, or sweetheart. And even if you're just cooking for yourself, that second serving can be just as easily eaten as another helping or saved as leftovers for another night rather than a week's worth.

Now, all I need is a cookbook full of recipes made for a party of one....

Recipes to try:

By Esther Sung


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