Cooking with Pot: A New Trend?

Flickr_MariamThe latest California culinary craze-marijuana cooking classes- has everyone scrambling for a spot in the kitchen.

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Every Tuesday at 5:30 pm, members of Elemental Wellness can attend a free "Cooking with Cannabis" lesson at the Center's dispensary in South Bay. Chef Gabe, the class's leader, is a well-reputed chef who has previously cooked at Crown and Merrill Colleges, Google, and the former Ciao Bella Act II Restaurant in Ben Lomond, California. Chef Gabe has also lived and worked on organic farms in Hawaii and has significant experience with vegan and vegetarian cooking, a skill he frequently incorporates into his marijuana cooking classes.

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So, what kind of interesting recipes can you make in the Cannabis Cooking Club? Past creations have included everything from a 'Medicated Seared Ahi Tuna with Sauteed Veggies' to 'Medicated Corn Muffins with Chili". This Tuesday, June 11, Chef Gabe plans to make the "most medicated dessert in cooking class history" -marijuana-infused ice cream sandwiches. The best part of the class comes at the end: patients get to bring their creations home with them.

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The Elemental Wellness Center is a nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary located in the heart of Silicone Valley in San Jose, California. The dispensary offers high quality medical marijuana to registered medical cannabis patients in the state of California. Elemental Wellness brands itself as a holistic healing center as well as a legal dispensary of medical marijuana. The center also offers spa services and growing classes in addition to the now-famous cooking classes.

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If you don't live near San Jose you may be out of luck. Elemental Wellness's Cannabis Cooking Class is only open to its members, and it's not yet evident whether the cooking trend will spread to other Cannabis clubs throughout California.

-Ally Bruschi, The Daily Meal

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