Where fast food is the most expensive

That burger costs a lot more in other countries.People complain about the high price of their daily coffee fix, but after comparing the price tags on Starkbucks lattes in other countries, it seems like Americans are getting a pretty sweet deal.

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According to this breakdown by the Wall Street Journal, the same grande latte that goes for about $4.30 in New York costs the equivalent of $9.83 in Oslo, Norway. A Starbucks craving while you're in Stockholm, Sweden, will run you about $7.40. But a 16-ounce cup of the stuff costs just $2.80 in New Delhi, India.

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Fast food outlets may seem to be on every corner in the U.S., and the prices all seem to be about the same. But the strength of a country's currency and the availability of a given ingredient can have a radical effect on those prices once you try to buy a familiar fast food product elsewhere.

In Venezuela, a McDonald's Big Mac costs a little more than $9 -- the most expensive in the world, The Christian Science Monitor reports. In New York, a similar burger runs about $5.99.

But in cash-strapped Germany and France, where the fast food giant has about 2,600 restaurants, they're offering European fans a deal: Coupons, buy-one-get-one offers, and a lower-priced meal simply called the "McDeal," where German diners can get a burger or chicken sandwich, fries, and a drink for about $4.92.

Pizza Hut's gut-busting Double Sensation pizza isn't available in the U.S., but it's a hit in Singapore, where it'll cost about $22. Compare that to a typical Supreme Pizza (about $10) from the chain's USA stores.

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