Culinary Resolutions, Week 1: Eat Lighter

YumSugarSource: Culinary Resolutions, Week 1: Eat Lighter

For many of us, today marks the first workday of 2013. But that's not all: it also happens to mark the beginning of our brand-new series, Six Weeks of Culinary Resolutions, in which, in an effort to improve ourselves over the course of the New Year, we master a different gastronomic goal each week.

To kick things off, we'll be focusing on eating lighter this week. Sure, holiday merrymaking brings to mind menorahs, tree lights, sleigh bells, and stockings - but it also conjures up images of yule logs, cookie swaps, standing rib roast, and way too much eggnog. It may not be possible to erase December's overindulgences, but healthier cooking in January is as close as we'll ever get.

Stay tuned all week to learn about lighter cooking techniques, wholesome grains, and of course, our favorite healthy recipes.

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