Delicious: Easy dessert, easier leftovers for breakfast

The tragic truth is that no matter how delicious, fast, easy, comforting, hearty or fun my dinner is, I almost always crave dessert right after. Sometimes a handful of purple grapes right out of the fridge will do it, and sometimes, I need something gooey and delicious. Dessert is not traditionally a fast-and-easy kind of enterprise, unless you are eating ice cream right out of the carton, but this recipe for Cinnamon Bun Bread is almost as fast as it gets, and hits every one of my "sweet," "gooey," and "delicious" buttons, not to mention scratching that itch I get, occasionally, for baking. The recipe whips up way quicker than actual cinnamon buns, but captures all that sticky cinnamon happiness, and best of all: a chunk will heat up fast and easy in the microwave the next morning, for the kind of indulgent quick and easy breakfast we all need once in awhile.

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