Delicious: Produce delivery makes life easier

Grocery shopping, even with a list and a game plan and a whole lot of determination, can be a major time-suck. Who wants to have to give up hours of weekend time, or delay coming home for that much longer after an endless day of work? It can also be tempting, when you're in a rush, to do the convenience food thing--get in, throw a bunch of boxes in your cart, and get out. That's why produce delivery services sound to me like a godsend. With most, you indicate a list of things you approve of, things you do not approve of, and they put together a box full of fruits and vegetables and bring it right to your door. When you come home, you have a whole passel of possibility sitting there on your doorstep. How do you cook kale, or peel a passion fruit? Let's look at the Internet and find out! It makes dinner an adventure--an especially healthy one.

Women's Health has produced a really stupid article about losing weight faster, but ends it with a very useful compilation of produce delivery services across the country. Are you lucky enough to have your state represented? Sign up! And think about those of us who aren't, and are considering starting a petition.

Make sure you never forget the essentials with this super simple shopping list.

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