Delicious: Steel cut oatmeal just waiting for you

This is what I do not have: a butler who gently, discreetly, knocks at my door every morning, tip toes quietly into the room and sets a small silver tray by the side of the bed. On that imaginary tray is a chrysanthemum from my hot house, a carafe of hot Kona coffee and a little pot of organic cream, a folded issue of The New York Times with all the bad news carefully scissored out (so, just the crossword puzzle), and a hot bowl of incredibly healthy, protein-and-fiber-rich steel-cut oats with fresh fruit and a sprinkle of brown sugar which will keep me satiated for hours and hours.

Here is what I do have: a canister of very delicious organic steel-cut oats, a crockpot, and a few minutes every night to set the whole situation up, so that I wake up in the morning to creamy, slightly nutty oatmeal, to which I can throw on a handful of thawed strawberries, a squeezing of honey (or agave nectar), a crapload of raisins and some brown sugar to enjoy in the morning while I skim between my fingers. And all the money I save on not having a butler or a subscription to the paper, and getting me some steel-cut oats bought in bulk will buy me my own island.

Care to know what you shouldn't eat for breakfast? This stuff!

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