Delicious: The kids won't eat it, but you will

On Suburban Bliss, one of those blogs frequently referred to as being in the "mommy" genre, is a regular feature called "Did They Eat It?" in which the author features a recipe she's made, and put in front of her notoriously picky family. The reactions of her family, recorded faithfully and for posterity, are hilarious and awesome. But it's only recently occurred to me that also, the recipes are always fast, relatively simple, easy to make, and I do not need toddlers and young-sized children and a husband in order to enjoy the simpleness, the easiness, and the fastness! These are qualities which anyone can benefit from! Especially me. Come for the comedy, stay for the easy to make and delicious-sounding Shells with Grilled Chicken and Mozzarella, which is the kind of recipe that more or less goes, cut stuff up, cook it, mush it together. That's the kind of recipe I can get behind.

Don't underestimate what the sandwich can do for you. Follow these recipes and stack your way to a nutritious meal.

photo via Suburban Bliss

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