Delightful Summer Salad


It was pretty tough to get back to the grind after my fantastic sisters weekend in Martha's Vineyard. It was also impossible to get the salad we shared on the first night of our trip out of my head. It was a combination I had never tried. French feta. Watermelon. Balsamic vinegar. And the French in French feta is really important. It's sheep's milk and it's delicious and miraculously it doesn't hurt my stomach (that much).


Watermelon & Feta Salad

French feta cheese, cubed
Seedless Watermelon, cubed
Balsamic vinegar or glaze
Arugula or basil (optional)

*The restaurant also served it with raw fennel and olives.

Combine feta, watermelon, and arugula. Drizzle balsamic. Enjoy.

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