Dieter's Diary: The Perfect Healthy Food for a Perfectly Lazy Person

I have discovered that I might just be the world's laziest dieter. I don't have the time or discipline to count calories, I neglect my food log for days at a stretch (although I do update my notes eventually), and even my best efforts at getting into a gym routine result in my going four times a week, max.

Fortunately, there is a perfect food for people like myself: Soup. Just a few of the benefits of stews and soups for the lazy dieter:

1. Soup is a diabolically easy way to consume massive amounts of vegetables.

2. It's February. You're cold. A big warm bowl of somethin' tasty is pretty much all you want to eat right now anyway.

3. Could there be an easier, more time-efficient way to cook healthy? Spend ten minutes chopping, leave the pot simmering for twenty to thirty minutes, and shamwow, you have dinner, plus a healthy lunch for three days.

4. The three magical Fs for anyone trying to lose weight: Filling, flavorful, fiber-rich.

5. My favorite soups and stews are also pantry-friendly: Most involve some stock, some beans, and maybe some pasta, with a whole mess of spices and tasty veggies. You don't have to make an elaborate grocery list.

6. Have I mentioned the red-hot affair I've been having with my slow cooker? Right now I'm loving this Moroccan Squash and Carrot Stew, and this Curried Squash and Red Lentil Soup. Both are hearty and filling, and you can pack them with as many vegetable combinations as you like (but yeah, I'm on a bit of a squash kick right now). I'm looking forward to trying this Cauliflower Soup with Almonds too.

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By Siobhan Adcock


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