Dinner for Under Ten Dollars

We've all recently experienced sticker shock at the grocery store and cooking healthy, easy, and affordable meals can seem like a struggle. After a trip to my local grocery store to gather prices, I put together Ten Dinners Under Ten Dollars. I'm particularly partial to the Boca Burger Wraps. Though this recipe might sound a little wacky, it is scrumptious - and, of course, healthy. You can purchase Morning Star brand Boca Burgers for $3.69, a quarter-pound of on-the-vine tomatoes for $.75, and use tortillas and goat cheese you may already have in your fridge! (If you don't have these on-hand, both are very affordable at your local grocer.)

Here's the recipe:

In a frying pan, heat up the Boca Burgers. Remove the burgers, cut them up and combine them with fresh sliced tomatoes, salsa, and goat cheese. Place the tortilla in the frying pan, add ingredients, and wrap the tortilla round the filling. When the tortilla is slightly browned, removed, and enjoy.

Want more meals at affordable prices? Try these family favorites as well:

Turkey Dogs and Sweet Potato Fries: A lowbrow meal for those with highbrow taste buds.

Easy Breakfast Potatoes: Everyone loves the home-style potatoes served up at the local diner; make them healthy just by making them at home.

Pear and Squash Bruschetta: A new take on a classic favorite. The sweetness of this healthy recipe will leave you satisfied, even without dessert!

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