Dogs in Restaurants Might Be Legal Soon

Dog at cafeDog at cafeGet ready to share your table with Fifi and Rex. Dogs are now officially allowed at restaurants in Los Angeles! As of now, doggies are allowed in restaurants that have outdoor seating. They can't actually sit up in a chair next to you at the table and slurp right off a plate, but they can hang out underneath if they're quiet and behave well.

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I think this is doggone great. And it's only fair. If parents can bring their kids to restaurants, pet owners should be allowed to bring their dogs. I mean, who's more likely to behave themselves better? Who will sit quietly and not throw their French fries? Who will not be crying 10 minutes into the meal?

Los Angelinos are being very sensible about this, of course. There's a whole long list of rules to make sure dogs aren't just running around, tripping waiters, and poo-pooing right there under the table. Oh, did I mention that any baby would be allowed to poo poo right at the table, regardless? In his diaper, but still.

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I can already feel the love vibes this is going to spread all over the City of Angels. Dog lovers, dining out with their beloved canines, not sharing a Chianti and the fusilli porcini, but you know, sitting near each other while that's consumed by the human. I dare say -- this could create so much good will, it could lull crying babies back to sleep. The happy glow coming from dog owners might silence cranky 5-year-olds who don't like "those green things" touching their macaroni and cheese.

Smart move, Los Angeles! I hear dogs all over the city are already calling to make reservations with their humans. And guess what's just over the horizon? The movie canine power lunch at Spago. Work it, Uggie!

Do you think it's a good idea to allow dogs in restaurant outdoor patio dining areas?

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Written by Adriana Velez on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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