The Easiest Way to Slice a Cantaloupe

By Janet McCracken, Bon Appétit

Our Melon Carpaccio calls for thin, elegant slices of honeydew. For that recipe and everyday eating (not to mention fruit salads), we turn to this tried-and-true method for breaking down a whole melon, be it a cantaloupe or any other hollow melon. Don't be intimidated--it's much easier than you think.

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1. Wash the rind! That melon has been sitting in dirt, then handled on its journey to you. When your knife cuts through the skin, it could transfer bacteria from the outside to the flesh. Photo by Zach DeSartPhoto by Zach DeSart

2. Trim one inch off each end and place melon upright on a work surface. This will keep the melon from rolling around while you remove the inedible rind. Using the curve of the melon as your guide, slice off the rind in strips. If your cuts are too shallow and any parts of the rind remain, just go back up and trim them off.
Photo by Zach DeSartPhoto by Zach DeSart

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3. Slice the melon in half, either crosswise or lengthwise. Using a large spoon, scoop out the seeds from the cavity in each half and discard.
Photo by Zach DeSartPhoto by Zach DeSart

4. Cut the melon into wedges, as thick or thin as you like. Stop there or, depending on the dish, continue to slice each wedge crosswise into bite-size pieces.
Photo by Zach DeSartPhoto by Zach DeSart

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