How to Eat Healthy at the Ballpark

SHealthy Ballpark Food.Healthy Ballpark Food.tadiums are now stocking healthier ballpark food options besides hot dogs and nachos.

Ballpark Food at Angel Stadium of Anaheim
Team: Los Angeles Angels
Healthy Bite: Mediterranean Garden Salad (no dressing)
Calories: 250 calories
The Dietitian Says: Feta cheese and olives add a tasty kick to this healthy choice.

Ballpark Food at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington
Team: Texas Rangers
Healthy Bite: Chicken, veggie, guacamole, and black bean burrito
Calories: 395 calories
The Dietitian Says: The burrito's healthy fats and fiber will keep you feeling full until the last out.

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Ballpark Food at Nationals Park
Team: Washington Nationals
Healthy Bite: Veggie burger
Calories: 300 calories
The Dietitian Says: This patty contains about half the calories and 20 percent of the fat of a beef burger.

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Ballpark Food at Progressive Field
Team: Cleveland Indians
Healthy Bite: Fruit cup (melons, pineapple, grapes, strawberries)
Calories: 126 calories
The Dietitian Says: This low-calorie choice will satisfy your sweet tooth and provide three servings of fruit.
-Sara Altshul

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