Essential Grilling Tools for Dad

Tips from the pros on the indispensable backyard gadgetsFather's Day is coming soon, and there's no better time than now to prepare for the big day. Forget about giving Dad another banal tie rack, or a new wallet, or even a nice bottle of cologne - get him what he really wants. No, not a new sports car, although if you can swing that, that probably wouldn't hurt. How about some grilling tools? Father's Day isn't exactly like Mother's Day - after all, it's OK to make the guest of honor do all the work.

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Sure, there are the usual suspects - a spritzer of water to put out those flare-ups in a hurry, a grate cleaner because a dirty grill means stuck food, a man's apron just because, and of course, a fire extinguisher just in case things get really out of hand. But what about the toys?

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We gathered together some tips from Joel Gamoran, resident chef of Sur La Table's Manhattan Cooking Program. Gamoran cooked in various West Coast kitchens in the early years of his career and went on to Florence, Italy, to study at the Culinary Institute of Florence. Later, he traveled back to the West Coast to study at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, Calif., where upon graduating, he worked in numerous seasonally driven California and Seattle-based restaurants. Gamoran found his true calling when he started teaching, however, and has never looked back. Here's what he had to say.

Credit: Sur La TableLong Locking Tongs
Tongs are super important; they are like a guy's sword in front of the grill. These are comfortable, long, and have an awesome gravity lock feature.

Credit: Sur La TableInfrared Thermocouple Probe Thermometer
The future is here! Point at anything and get the surface-area temperature; unfold the probe and get the internal temperature - love it!

Credit: Sur La TableCharcoal Companion Barbecue Pit Mitt
Do not let the heat of the grill beat you! Throw the pit mitt on your hand and you can literally pick up hot skewers, tools, and foods.

Credit: Sur La TableMoistly Grilled Smoking Platform
Smoking foods is one of the sexiest ways to grill. Do not let the meat dry out - get this smoking platform and fill it with beer, wine, or juice and keep things moist with flavor.

Credit: Sur La TableReady-Made Spices and Sauces
I have seen Tim Love's sauces used in everything from marinades to cocktails - they're complex and flavorful in all the right ways. The rubs are completely different and add a whole new dimension to crusting your proteins or kicking up your sides.

Credit: Sur La TableTriple-LED Clip-On Grill Light
Please do not accidentally grill your flash light. Sometimes the party starts late, but the grill is still on. Make sure you are able to monitor all the goodness on the grill, even when it's dark.

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- Will Budiaman, The Daily Meal

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