Fake It with Takeout: Chicken- or Shrimp-Boat Hors D'Oeuvres

Caren AlpertCaren AlpertWhether you're hosting a formal party or just throwing together snacks for drinks with friends, we've got ideas for transforming carryout into crowd-pleasing cuisine. Everyone will assume your sink is stacked with dirty pots and pans. (And if you keep them out of the kitchen, they'll never know the truth.)

Chicken- or Shrimp-Boat Hors D'Oeuvres

Start with: Your favorite chicken or shrimp Chinese stir-fry.

To make: Mound spoonfuls of stir-fry into the cuplike center leaves from a head of Boston lettuce. If desired, top the boats with chopped nuts or scallion slices.

Also try: Asian-Mexican fusion. Roll the dish with rice and some soy sauce in a giant tortilla. Slice into single-serving pieces.

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