Famous food fights on film: From Michael Jackson to Kim Kardashian

by Sarah Fuss, Shine Staff

With most schools not quite out for summer, the impending freedom can create an atmosphere that we like to call food-fight weather. As you'll see below, not all food fights involve cafeterias, but they had to have originated there with some furious school administrator blowing a whistle and a lunch lady taking cover. As adults we've come to recognize how disrespectful food fights are. The next best thing to participating in one is watching...

Michael Jackson and Macaulay Culkin attack John Landis after filming the landmark video "Black or White." We think Michael actually says there are stink bombs inside the pies.

Probably the most famous food fight on film, this scene from Animal House depicts John Belushi taking on the preppies, the ROTC, and everyone else inside the college cafeteria.

Is there a nostalgia greater than that evoked by '70s and '80s camp movies? This cafeteria food fight from Little Darlings is really about feathered hair and ringer T-shirts.

Nobody talks about when Julia Roberts played Tinkerbell, but she did, and Robin Williams played an overgrown Peter Pan. In this scene, Peter rediscovers his imagination and his power in a colorful food fight with the Lost Boys. (NOT original soundtrack.)

Seems like Michael has a thing for pies because he delivers another to Aaron Carter in this French clip with a thumping soundtrack.

It's almost like the cameras aren't there! Kim Kardashian and her mother participate in the prissiest food fight "caught" on tape, using the prissiest food available, cupcakes.

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