Fast-food Chain Offers Monster Burger with Nine Patties

<p>The Triple Triple Burger. (Photo: Jake's Wayback)</p>Popular television shows like Man vs. Food may have regular diners aspiring to wolf down super-sized food items, but if you indulge in this Triple Triple burger with nine patties, you might be looking at a triple triple bypass procedure.

America’s Most Over-the-Top Burgers

On their website, fast food chain Jake’s Wayback lists their regular cheese burger at 570 calories. If you multiply that by 9, you get a whopping 5,130 calories with approximately 117 grams of saturated fat. Even the enormous four-pound Fifth Third Burger, available at the West Michigan Whitecaps baseball stadium, comes in below the Triple Triple with 4,800 calories.

Another way to think of it: the Triple Triple is the equivalent of eating nine and a half McDonald’s Big Macs. At $12.95, at least it’s a bargain! 

The East-coast chain, which is going through a West-coast expansion and rebranding, has decided to put the Triple Triple on their menu after receiving over 100 orders during a test-month last year.

The nine-patty Triple Triple was even offered as part of Jake’s Wayback’s annual burger eating contest. “It’s crazy. We had one guy eat it in less than two minutes,” Gillian Maffeo, director of marketing for parent Jake’s Franchising LLC, told Burger Business.

The only other burger out there that can compete with the Triple Triple is the Quadruple Bypass Burger from the appropriately named Heart Attack Grill in Dallas, Texas. This burger, with four half-pound patties, clocks in at an insane 8,000 calories and its bun is smothered in lard.

Though the recommended caloric intake per person varies depending on one’s height, weight, level of activity, and gender, it’s safe to say that consuming even half of the Triple Triple might put you over your intake for the day.

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