Fast Food Chain Serves 'Darth Vader' Burgers (UPDATE!)

In a galaxy not so far away, burgers are served on black buns.In a galaxy not so far away, burgers are served on black buns.How much force needs to be with you to eat a black burger? The Belgian fast food chain Quick is celebrating the upcoming "Phantom Menace 3D" movie premiere by launching a line of "Star Wars"-themed burgers. The burgers will debut in Quick restaurants throughout France on January 31, just before the film's February release in the country. Despite being in French, the ads for the burgers have sent the entire Internet into a tailspin of equal parts repulsion and curiosity.

Watch the new The Phantom Menace 3D trailer

Quick's limited-edition burgers come in three flavors. There's the Dark Burger—a double cheeseburger on a seeded bun with some kind of creamy mayo spread. Then there's the Jedi Burger, another double-patty cheeseburger, this time inspired by the cryptic genius Yoda. Only few are enlightened enough to know whether those white pellets peaking out from under the bun are cheese curds or marshmallows.

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Finally, there's the burger with the most buzz: The Dark Vador (they misspelled it, Star Wars purists, we didn't). This double beef patty has cheese and a light salad topping (perhaps, for the cautious dad inside Darth?). It also has a pitch-black bun that goes beyond the hue of pumpernickel into burnt charcoal territory. In reality, the bun's just been dosed with a hint of food coloring. True "Star Wars" fans may want to bite into the gimmick, but the rest of us have eaten enough "Dark Vador" toast in our time to be turned off.

UPDATE: Shine has obtained more information direct from the mothership, aka Quick. For the record, those little Yoda teeth layering the Jedi burger are not marshmallows but mozzarella cheese bits. The Dark burger is layered with hot pepper sauce and melted pepper cheese intended to bring out the dark side of your intestinal track. And that pitch black galaxy bun on the Dark Vador burger? Vegetable coloring.  The cost for one of these saber-y (get it?) sandwiches is about 6 bucks. For a few more George Washingtons, you can add a side of "cheesy stars"—five-pointed fries doused in mozzarella and emmental cheese. I'm guessing 40 minutes after eating this "Star Wars" meal you start to feel more like you're in "SpaceBalls". ("Oh no, not again!")


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