Fast Food Undercover: How Much that Burger Really Costs

Written By Mandy Seay For Quickeasyfit

The price of this burger may look appealing, but it's hiding some dirty little secrets.Do you think shopping from the dollar menu is smart? Is that six dollar burger really worth six bucks? Discover the secret pricing strategies behind fast food restaurants and learn how to beat the fast food joints at their own game.

Skip the Soft Drinks - Pricy soft drinks are almost pure profit for fast food restaurant owners. Opt out of the fast food meal package and ask for a courtesy cup of water instead. Your waistline and pocketbook will both thank you.

Savor the taste of that soft drink because it cost you a pretty penny.Savor the taste of that soft drink because it cost you a pretty penny.Read Also - Recipes for Homemade Hamburgers

If you absolutely can't live without a soda to accompany your burger, purchase a low-cost case from the grocery store and keep it in the car. Then, ask for ice in your cup of courtesy water. Drink the water, pour in the previously purchased soda and you'll have an ice cold, low-cost beverage ready for drinking.

Decline the Upsell - Would you like fries or an apple pie with that? No! Fast food workers asking if you would like an additional item in your fast food bag aren't being polite, they have been trained to take more money from your pocket. When you add just one additional item to your order, you could also be adding several dollars onto your bill.

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Do you really need to supersize those fries?Do you really need to supersize those fries?Use Coupons - Keep the idea of 'fast' in mind when visiting the drive-thru, because most people don't have the fore-thought to search for coupons. From free fries with the purchase of a burger to 1/2-price subs, vast fast food savings are waiting for those willing to take the time to find them. Newspapers, local ad flyers and magazines are all great resources for gathering fast food coupons.

Already in the drive-thru line? Use your smartphone to quickly locate and download coupons to your fast food restaurant of choice.

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Scan the Dollar Menu - The dollar menus at fast food restaurants can actually be good deals, if you choose wisely. Again, skip the sodas and ask for water instead. Limit your dollar menu purchases and opt for the most filling choices to stretch your dollars a bit more.

As appealing as it may look, this fast food burger isn't worth full-price.As appealing as it may look, this fast food burger isn't worth full-price.Share a Meal - Fast food restaurant owners are banking on the fact that everyone in your family will want their own meal rather than having to share with others. However, in reality, most fast food meal portions are now far larger than any one person should be eating. Get smart by ordering one large meal to split between two people. This prevents you from becoming overly full from mindless eating and conserves your cash.

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Eat at Home - A $1 burger may sound like an amazing deal in theory. In reality, the poor quality of ingredients you're receiving still won't justify the low cost. Think about it. Fast food chain owners still have to make money on even their lowest priced items. That, more than anything, should shine light on the quality of food that's available at most fast food joints.

The best option for avoiding the high calories and cost of fast food is to simply cook healthier meals at home. In the time it takes you to drive to a fast food restaurant, wait in line and drive back home. You could have prepared a nutritious and low cost meal during that little trip.

Ditch the meal packages and say goodbye to price-gouged sodas. By learning the insider secrets of fast food joints, you will never again fall victim to their pricing games. Want to learn more food secrets? Check out these 5 food facts you might not know.

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