Favorite Childhood Recipes: Shine Supper Club

My after-school snack was a sacred ritual. I sat on the soft carpet in my parents' bedroom at a low table, the television turned to "I Dream of Jeannie," and ate a peanut butter and honey sandwich cut into neat squares. I wasn't fussy about crusts. I just loved the sticky pairing of creamy peanut butter with syrupy golden sweetness drizzled from a honey bear in diagonals across the bread. Nothing else––save for maybe apples and peanut butter in a pinch––could have made for as sweet an afternoon, with Nickelodeon reruns stretching into the distance.

This month, the Shine Supper Club is celebrating our nostalgic childhood favorites. Were you crazy for popsicles on hot afternoons? Mad for mac and cheese? Join us by revisiting a classic in your kitchen, and sharing a recipe, photo and a story about just how good it was back then. Here's how it works:

1. Write a blog post telling us about your favorite childhood recipe by Monday 11:59PM PST, May 27th. Be sure to include a photo and a recipe.
2. Mention and link to the Shine Supper Club in your post: https://shine.yahoo.com/supper-club/
3. Tweet @YahooShine with a link to your post and include the hashtag #shinesupperclub. Aren't on Twitter? Email the link to shine_sarahmccoll at yahoo.com. We will compile the links in a slideshow on Shine featuring all Supper Club participants.
4. Finalists will be posted in a poll by 12PM PST Tuesday, May 28 with voting open to the community until 12PM PST Thursday, May 30. The winning recipe will be added to the Shine Supper Club winner's circle (with a badge to post on their blog) and featured on the Shine homepage.

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