Five Tips for the Ultimate Super Bowl Bash

Chris GentileChris GentileKelly Senyei, Gourmet Live

I'm ignoring the fact that my hometown team, the San Diego Chargers, never made it to the NFL playoffs this year. I consider their lackluster performance to be no reason to shy away from celebrating one of my favorite food days of the year: the Super Bowl. Nachos, sliders, soft pretzels, snack mix-if it can be found in a stadium, I'm serving it up fresh from the comfort of my kitchen (or couch).

Get prepared for the big game with five tips for a winning Super Bowl XLVI spread:

Throw the Flag: Don't stop at decorating with your team's colors. Add yellow and red napkins to mimic the referee's flag and the coach's challenge flag. This simple decorative touch will add an element of coffee table competition to your spread.

The Perfect Spot: Keep things simple by positioning food near your TV, with sweets kept separate from savory dishes. You don't want guests to be forced to choose between watching the game and eating. It's a Super Bowl party, not a seven-course dinner.

Tebowing for Trophies: Celebrate the NFL season's breakout star by organizing your own Tebowing competition complete with score cards and trophies.

Pre-game Warm-Up: Include a mix of both hot and room temperature foods, the latter of which can be prepared and set out ahead of time. Opt for a few appetizers that can even be made a day or two in advance, such as homemade snack mixes, potato chips, and roasted nuts.

Call for Substitutions: It's not all about the booze. Don't forget to include kid-friendly mocktails like freshly squeezed lemonade or fruity iced teas for those who are looking for beverages that don't have to be shaken or stirred.

Not sure what to make? Check out our slideshow of Favorite Super Bowl Recipes.

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