Forbes Island

Forbes Island isn't what it appears to be...Forbes Island isn't what it appears to be...If you look out from the pier at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, CA, you can see what appears to be a small island right off shore. But if you watch this island carefully, you will see that it bobs ever so slightly in the water. That's because this is Forbes Island, and it's really no island at all, it's a houseboat-turned-restaurant!

The man behind this island is a houseboat designer named Forbes Kiddoo. He originally built this "island" for himself as a place to live. It began as a sandy beach with a few palm trees, surrounded by rocks and with a living area under the beach where he had his captain's quarters, living room, and dining room. He lived there off the coast of Sausalito, CA for 17 years until he decided to turn it into a restaurant.

Today, guests are picked up in a shuttle boat right off of the pier at Fisherman's Wharf and taken to the island. As soon as you step foot onto the island you feel like you have been transported to a fantasy world. It is only after you catch the incredible views of San Francisco, Angel Island, and Alcatraz that you are able to place where you are. Guests can choose to explore the three unique dining rooms, old captains quarters (which is now the ladies' restroom), the wheelhouse, and even a 40-foot lighthouse that actually contains a Fresnel Lens on loan to Forbes from the US coast guard.

The main dining room is modeled after an old sailing ship. It is adorned with English Tudor paneling, wooden molding, a fireplace, and custom stained glass windows. Did I mention it is also under water? Guests can sit at their table looking out a porthole, waiting for fish to swim by. On the menu is California-French cuisine.

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