Full Moon Fever: A Buzzworthy Bento for Apollo 11's Anniversary

Lunch reaches new heights!Lunch reaches new heights!On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to set foot on another world. Celebrate the anniversary of the moon landing with this kid-friendly turkey & swiss sandwich bento! For this moon landing theme, I set out to make a healthy lunch that is both fun, and that my picky eater might actually eat! We already know that the moon is made from swiss cheese, and this one is also made with turkey and whole-wheat sandwich thins. Fruits and veggies make up the galaxy, and the astronaut makes for a sweet marshmallow dessert.


Round, whole-wheat sandwich thins
Thinly sliced turkey deli meat
Sliced swiss cheese with holes
Dark lettuce leaves
Red or black grapes
Red delicious apple
Slices of cheddar cheese
Matchstick carrots
Mini marshmallows
Square bento box or plastic container
Lemon juice

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1. Wash, clean and dry all fruits and veggies. Line the bottom and sides of the bento box with dark lettuce leaves. I pulled these from a "Spring Mix" bag of mixed lettuce.

2. Make a simple turkey sandwich with 3-4 slices of deli meat between two pieces of a round sandwich thin. Place the sandwich along the bottom edge of the bento.

3. Fill in the space around the sandwich with red or black grapes. Blueberries would also work here. Place a round slice of swiss cheese with holes in it on top of the sandwich. If your child prefers a milder cheese, you could try baby swiss, or provolone and cut a few holes into it. If you have square cheese slices, you can easily cut it into a circle by placing a cup or bowl over the cheese and tracing around it with a knife.

4. Make a marshmallow astronaut using toothpicks and seven mini marshmallows. You will need to trim down the toothpicks. To make a visor for the helmet, cut out a semi-oval from a dark lettuce leaf. Then snip off a tiny bit of the marshmallow's surface to expose the sticky inside and stick the leaf to the marshmallow.

5. Make the flag from a slice of apple and a blueberry. Trim a piece of apple into a rectangle, then thinly slice pieces of red apple skin to make the stripes. Use half a blueberry for the stars section. By the way, I chose to make my flag backwards because that is how it appears in most of the iconic photos of the moon landing.

6. Add the finishing details. Place the flag with a toothpick flagpole and the marshmallow astronaut onto the swiss cheese moon. Cut out four and five-point stars from cheddar cheese and emphasize the American flag with a few carrot sticks shooting out from it.

- By Marigold Haske

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