George Clooney Pizza Box Brings Hot, Cheesy Thrills

George Clooney was in a Berlin restaurant last month, where he had a lively time with pals before picking up the tab for a nearby table of strangers. Now the tequila maker’s likeness has appeared on a pizza box in the town of Haslach, Germany (which is, admittedly, about 400 miles away). Coincidence? Photo retouching? Um, probably. But we love to think not.
A new career? (Image courtesy of Facebook via BuzzFeed)

When Jezebel noted the hotter-than-usual pizza-chef illustration in a Facebook post, it drew comments from folks who had actually noticed it years before. “Are you kidding me?!!! I bought this same pizza box from a place in Val d'Isere, France (a skiing village) a couple of years ago and posted a photo to FB immediately. Thought it was the funniest thing ever,” wrote someone with the screen name NotFromRoundHere.

photo by Getty ImagesYet another reader said he’d spotted the box two years ago in the Czech Republic, and a January Reddit post of the photo said it was from a pie was purchased in Bosnia, but that the box appeared to be made in Italy. "He does have a place in Italy," one commenter noted. "‘…this checks out."

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