Gourmet Campfire Recipe: Enjoy a 4-Star Dinner Under the Stars

As the rest of us swelter away in this punishing furnace we call summer in the city, imagine a more elevated setting for you and your muse next weekend. You are heading to the woods where the air is cool and pine scented and the sky is clear and star drenched. Oh, don't forget the crackling bonfire and beckoning tent. Now imagine topping off that experience by cooking one of the best meals of your life over a camping stove. Not a pro in the kitchen? Don't worry. Cooking up a gourmet meal over a campfire is easier than it sounds! Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to make Salmon Filet with Pancetta and Angel Hair Pasta and become the star of your next camping trip! - Ben Pomery for HowAboutWe


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