Gourmet's Five All-American Thanksgiving Menus

Inspired by this country's diverse culinary traditions, these classic Thanksgiving meals by Gourmet represent regions from New England to the West Coast, the North to the Deep South.

Giving Thanks, Georgia-Style
These Southern favorites--including hearty root vegetables, sour cream apple pie, and turkey stuffed with oysters and bacon--will wow guests on either side of the Mason-Dixon Line. --Photo by Romulo Yanes

Flavors of the American Heartland
Gathering together, we celebrate soul-satisfying flavors liberally spiced with culinary notes from the region's northern European immigrants.

A Shaker Feast
The Shakers' commitment to excellence in all things was evident even in the kitchen, where basic foods were made delicious by careful cooking and the addition of herbs and spices. The time-honored recipes that follow have been adapted from Shaker cookery books, which emphasize regional ingredients--fresh vegetables, fruit, and maple syrup--and simple sauces and techniques.

California Eatin'
We're offering an alternative for those who want to venture off the beaten path: turkey cooked on the grill accented by clean flavors. --Photo by Romulo Yanes

Holiday in Connecticut

Classic fall flavors like apple and maple evoke the quaint New England countryside.

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