So This Happened: Tower of Meat Breaks Record, Digestive System

(Food Network)[Shine's daily spotlight of the most jaw-dropping photo from today's news.]

You know how there are foot-long sandwiches? This one is a foot tall. To get from the bottom to the top of it, you'll have to climb forty layers of meat, or a few pigs and a turkey.

The world's meatiest sandwich, built specifically for the premiere of "Man vs. Food Nation" on the UK's Food Network channel, is more than just promotional material, it's an animal farm. To make the most meat-packed sub ever, Chef Tristan Welch layered ham, salami, turkey, bacon, sausage and chorizo over and over again. A few slices of cheese and some gherkins provided a little extra salt, just to ensure your tongue neatly detaches from your throat and falls on your plate.

All packed together, the meat-wich weighs in at 28 freaky-deaky pounds. It took 4 hours to make, 10 to eat (not that anyone's tried) and 30 years to digest.