Harry Potter Edible Wizard Wands

This recipe takes chocolate covered pretzels to a new dimension. These salty, sweet and crisp treats are easy to make, and their presentation is sure to wow both Harry Potter fans and skeptics alike.


1 ½ cups yogurt chips + 1 tablespoon canola oil per color

1 cup bittersweet chocolate chips + 1 ½ tablespoons canola oil

Snyder's pretzel sticks

Assortment of sprinkles & colored sugars

Food color (gel or liquid)

Edible Wizard WandsEdible Wizard Wands


Start by melting the yogurt chips in a tall microwave cup. Microwave for one minute and then stir in one tablespoon of canola oil until you've reached the desired consistency. Repeat this process for every color you want to make! Color your melted yogurt chips by adding in a few drops of liquid or gel food dye and stirring to combine. Once you add the food color, if it begins to thicken too much, add a little more canola oil and microwave for an additional 20 seconds. To make the melted chocolate, repeat the same process, but add an extra ½ tablespoon of canola oil before you stir.

Now it's time to decorate! Cover your surface with parchment or wax paper. Dip your pretzel wands into the desired base color and twirl until it is evenly covered in yogurt or chocolate. Place the wand on the paper and decorate with candy, sprinkles, or more yogurt or chocolate! Go crazy! We decorated our Harry Potter Edible Wizard Wands according to the colors of each house, but you can do whatever you want.

Refrigerate the wands for 25 minutes before serving. Enjoy!

Hogwarts House Colors:

Gryffindor - scarlet and gold

Slytherin - green & silver

Hufflepuff - yellow & black

Ravenclaw - blue & bronze