Hogwarts Potion Necklaces

Impress the Harry Potter fans in your life by giving them their very own personalized potion bottle necklaces! Take one to your next big audition, job interview, or for your final exam… who knows, maybe it'll bring you good luck.

Small glass bottles (we got ours here!)

Push pin

Small wire headpins (available in the jewelry section of most craft stores)



Rubber cement

Potion labels

Leather or cord

Hogwarts Potion NecklaceHogwarts Potion Necklace


To start, order an assortment of mini glass bottles online! Use a pin to poke a hole through the cork of the bottle. Then, take a small wire headpin and press it through the cork, folding over the excess at the bottom. Fill the bottle ⅔ the way full with water and then add your favorite glitter. Next, use a small amount of rubber cement to glue the cork in place. If you want to use our potion labels click here to access them. Use a little rubber cement to glue the label in place. Lastly, thread a length of leather through the loop on your bottle, and tie a knot to finish. That's it!