How to Get Your Husband to Go Grocery Shopping

Turn shopping into a competition. My husband and I split the grocery shopping evenly, and I'm pretty sure it's because of a supermarket shopping game we played as graduate student newlyweds. The goal of our game: score the highest percentage in savings.

How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

Our supermarket receipt prints the amount we save with in-store specials and coupons. We then calculate the percentage of savings from the total. So, if I spent $80 and saved $20 (25%), and my husband spent $20 and saved $10 (50%), he'd win. Over time, we developed new strategies and rules:

-"BOGO" (buy one, get one free) items add up to amazing savings.

-We can buy only the items we need. (My husband once came home with four pineapples because they were BOGO.)

-We avoid items that are great deals, but have low nutritional profiles. (Check out GH's healthy shopping tips!)

10 Time-Saving Grocery Shopping Tips

It's not always easy to score well, but it's worth trying. I think our all-time record was over 60% and over the years, we've saved a lot. The best part about our game is that we have fun as a couple while saving on groceries.

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Before you get your husband to the market, you can even challenge him in Good Housekeeping's new online grocery shopping game. When you play, you can enter to win $125 gift card too!

--Genevieve Ko, Senior Food Editor at Good Housekeeping

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