How to Host a Chinese New Year's Party at Home

Stock Up: Give yourself some time to assemble supplies. Order tea tins, rice paper candies, and Chinese envelopes from Pearl River.

Set the Table: For a favor that doubles as a place card, print guest fortunes on nice card stock and place in envelopes with their names on the front.

Add Some Color:
Line tea tins with plastic baggies so water won't leak onto the table and fill them with fresh flowers in the colors of the Year of the Rabbit.

Mix Drinks:
Serve festive beverages like Red Sparkler cocktails made with blood orange sorbet, prosecco, and chilled Tsingtao beers with limes. Or fill a champagne flute (extra points if it's chilled) three-quarters full of prosecco and add a tiny scoop of citrus sorbet to the glass. The sorbet keeps the cocktail chilled as you drink.

Serve Store-Bought Apps: Dress up store-bought egg rolls or dumplings with homemade dipping sauce. Whisk together a half cup soy sauce with a quarter cup rice wine vinegar and a quarter teaspoon sesame oil and garnish with one thinly sliced scallion.

Dinner's On:
Serve up whole leaf salad with radishes, sugar snap peas, and matchsticks with rice wine vinaigrette and soy-ginger-glazed short ribs with scallion crema, steamed rice, braised bok choy and vanilla ice cream with homemade chocolate orange sauce. Much of the menu - short ribs, scallion crema, salad dressing, and chocolate sauce - can be made the day before.

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