How to Make Deliciously Decadent Bacon-Wrapped Burgers

In our grilling cookbook, we offer the ultimate recipes for the basics of grilling - veggies, ribs, chicken, and the perfect Father's Day dish: burgers.

All the recipes for burgers are straightforward and simple, but the deliciously decadent bacon-wrapped cheeseburger was the only one that had a slightly unique preparation.

Here are 5 helpful tips for making these tasty burgers:

1) Parcook the Bacon: Microwaving the bacon for a couple of minutes is enough to render out some of the fat, which will minimize flare-ups that result in a decidedly untasty burnt flavor. Since it's only partially cooked, the bacon slices remain pliable enough to wrap around the burger. Related: Tasty Burger Recipes

2) X Marks
the Spot: Criss cross two slices of bacon and lay your perfectly formed patties in the center of the X. As you lift the ends of the bacon slices over the sides of the patty you'll notice they don't meet perfectly, but that's okay. Place the wrapped patty with the ends of the bacon down so they don't unravel while you form the other burgers.

3) Heat Your Grill Right: In the June issue, our Triple Test Discovery was that not all grills are created equal, least of all the high-powered commercial one in the GH kitchen. Use the feel of the heat as an indication, instead of the words on the dial. Hold your hand palm down 4 inches above the grill grate. Count how many seconds it takes before you can't stand the heat any longer/feel the need to pull your hand away. 2 - 3 seconds means high heat, 5 means medium, 6 means low, etc. Sounds archaic, but it's extremely effective. Related: How to Make a Perfect Burger

4) Take Cover: Place your burgers on the grill, bacon ends-sides down. Close the cover. Keep the cover closed to minimize flare-ups. Uncovered = oxygen, oxygen = flare-ups, flare-ups = ashy, sooty flavor. Related: GH's Best Burgers

5) Melt Down: For an ooey, gooey cheeseburger, close the cover once you've added the cheese in order to melt it quickly without overcooking the burger. Check for meltedness every 20 to 30 seconds.

Feeling a little too indulgent with these burgers? Round it all out with some healthier grilling recipes. It's all about everything in moderation after all!

And don't forget to share your favorite grilling tips in the comments.

- Blog and photos by Sherry Rujikarn

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