Hungry Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day (Deprivation NOT Allowed!)

We're not going to tell you to skip the chocolates, red wine, and indulgent dinner this Valentine's Day. But here are some fun ways to burn off the calories!

Live in a warm climate?
Start the day with an early morning hike. Hit the trails for 45 minutes, and you'll burn about 320 calories... Reason enough to order the steak for dinner!

Looking for a fun pre-dinner activity? Go dancing with your date. A mix of slow and fast dancing for an hour will help you burn about 250 calories. That'll easily afford you two glasses of red wine for the night.

Make dinner for your sweetie! Not only will you save money by choosing to eat in, but you'll also burn calories running around the supermarket shopping for groceries (100 calories or so) and bustling around the kitchen cooking the food (about 150 calories). With all those calories burned, go ahead and split a slice of chocolate cake with your dinner date!

Get under the covers! You knew it was coming... Yes, kissing, cuddling, etc., burns a whopping 225 calories per hour! Then indulge in some chocolate-covered strawberries -- only about 45 calories a pop. Not bad!

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For all the SINGLE LADIES out there, we've got tips for you too! Here are some fun activities for a girls' night that'll get your heart rate up...

Shop 'til you drop. Take a trip to the mall with your closest gal pals. Whether you window shop or splurge, you'll burn about 175 calories in an hour. And you can swap those calories for an ounce of dark or milk chocolate!

Hit the club and start dancing! You'll burn about 300 calories per hour, and who knows -- maybe you'll meet the man of your dreams! (Or at least get a free drink.) With all of the
calories you're burning, feel free to splurge on one of those fun, fruity cocktails. Do it!

Looking for something more low-key? Bowling burns about 200 calories per hour, and it's a great setting for catching up with friends. Don't be afraid to have a light beer and share an order of nachos with your pals. Just don't overdo it!

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Calories burned are based on activity for a 160-lb. person.


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