Italian Burgundy Zucchini Stew

This time of year we can never get enough stew recipes. Here is one that is hearty. Made with Beef, zucchini and a delicous wine sauce.

One of my favorite wines to use to marinate is Burgundy. I used a lean cut of meat London broil, cut it up, then add spices and wine to marinate overnight. This recipe is easy, feeds alot of people and they will be asking for this again. The vegetables take on the flavors and the sauce is just perfect for sopping up with a hunk of Italian bread...

2 pounds of London Broil beef cut into cubes or stew meat of choice

1 cup Burgundy wine

3 tablespoon olive oil

Salt, pepper, oregano, parsley

In a large plastic covered bowl, add the wine to the bowl then cubes of beef add a few shakes of salt, pepper and shake all spices over the meat to coat. Refrigerate overnight. For more recipes like this one visit What's Cookin Italian Cuisine webpage.