Italian Fig and Cheese Filled Galette Recipe

Italian Fig and Cheese Filled Galette Recipe if you never tried or heard of one here is a great place to start... Easy Italian pastry..... for more of this recipe read on.... here

A delicious, elegant easy dessert your guests will never forget. Truly an art with Italian pastry.
Do try this one is you love fresh figs, almond paste and mascarpone cheese

Almond Cheese Filling is smooth rich and with the fresh figs and open pastry baked makes this an elegant dessert your friends will marvel over!

1 tart dough recipe or use (to make a11 inch round circle) of pastry dough, store bought pie dough or use puff pastry dough found in frozen foods section of your local supermarkets.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started on this easy delicious dessert!
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