Italian Pizza Fritta

Italian Pizza Fritta Outside on the Grill Plus Video

Italian Traditional Fried Feast Dough
A powdery wonderful Italian treat to make, we can never make enough of them! Just like at those old fashioned Italian feasts, oh yeah, back in Upstate NY all summer long you can enjoy these beauties at the local Catholic Church feasts, but you can also enjoy them in your backyard in a cast iron skillet pan right on your own grill. There's nothing to it!

Here is a recipe, that has been passed down for many generations. Fried dough, pizza fritte, pizza fritta, whatever you want to call this, this dough is one of the finest addictions of all Italian treats! You can never have enough, and once you make it yourself, you will wonder how you lived so long without trying this wonder delicious dough fried with simple, but a life long memory and made by most Italians all over the world. Growing up in NY this was one that at every Italian feasts would have people lined up to buy dozens of these and sometimes waited for hours in that line waiting for them to make that fresh batch, while they went so fast... everyone knew it was worth the wait! But boy did it piss me off as they bought them up before I got my turn!
The brown quickly and as soon as one side is puff and the edges are brown just flip them over with tongs, always place these on paper towels to drain the oil.