Jellyfish news and recipes

According to several news sources, jellyfish are invading beaches around the world in record numbers: in Africa, Japan, the Mediterranean, and the USA. ABC says 30 people were stung at one beach alone recently. The reasons are unclear: global warming, overfishing, pollution. The solution? I propose a concentrated effort to promote jellyfish cuisine.

Here's the cooking info you need from our food dictionary:

An invertebrate marine animal with a soft, gelatinous, umbrella-like anatomy and long, thin tentacles. Jellyfish is popular in CHINESE CUISINES. Asian markets sell it in a dried, salted form, which must be reconstituted by soaking overnight in warm water. The red matter must then be cut away. Jellyfish toughens if excessively cooked, so it's generally quickly blanched in boiling water for only about 15 seconds. It's customarily shredded and served cold in salads for a crunchy texture.

Anyone know of any good recipes?

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